Friday, October 14, 2016

How Much A Money Order Costs?

The cost of a money order depends where you get it and the amount you're spending. In most cases, money orders cost about a dollar or less. Scroll down to see a price list from popular issuers.

Where to Purchase Money Orders

Money orders are available to purchase in post offices, banks, convenience stores, grocery stores and check cashing stores. They cost less at convenience stores and post offices where you can usually get one for about a buck.

When you go to a bank or credit union, money orders generally cost more (don’t be surprised if it’s $5 to $10). You’ll have to have an account at the bank or credit union to buy a money order.

Post offices are often a good place to get money orders because they’re considered safe. USPS Money Order pricing works as follows:

$1.25 for $0.01-$500
$1.65 for $500.01-$1,000
International money orders cost more.

Money Order Maximums

Keep in mind that the cost refers to a single money order, and money orders often have a maximum limit. For example, a money order issuer may only offer money orders up to $1000. If you need to pay $2000, you’d have to buy two money orders and pay two fees.

For large purchases, consider a cashier’s check. Banks and credit unions issue cashier’s checks (which are similar to money orders in terms of safety) for larger amounts. They may cost more than a single money order but less than multiple money orders.

More details: Difference Between a Money Order and Cashier’s Check?
Availability and Pricing
Prices for money orders vary from store to store and town to town. You might find that some stores in your area don’t even sell money orders at all, while they sell inexpensive money orders in other regions.

Verify availability and cost before you need your money order.

Call ahead and ask if money orders are available 24/7, or if you need to visit a service desk with limited operating hours. You’ll also need to ask the maximum issue amount.

It might pay to shop around, but if you can find money orders for around a dollar or less, you’re doing well. Note that many convenience stores, grocery stores, and check cashing stores outsource their money orders—thus you’re getting the same money order (at the same price) from numerous locations. MoneyGram and ​Western Union are commonly used at those stores.

Also, check with your bank or credit union. In some cases, those money orders are more expensive, but perhaps more convenient if you're in the branch.

Money Order Locations

Need some ideas on where to shop and what to expect? Below are popular locations for money order purchases.

Additional Services

After purchasing a money order, you might need additional services from the issuer. For example, you can find out if and when the item was cashed (and see who endorsed the back). If the money order gets lost or you decide not to use it, you may need to request a refund or replacement. Those services cost extra. Costs for these services are lowest with the USPS. With other issuers, it's typically around $30 to research or refund a money order.


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